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The Google PlusHow to get Google Authorship Verification. Read more ... » One service is GoogleUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... »’s attempt to add a social aspect to search. However, rather than be the massive failure that some industry insiders predicted, it has turned out to be something rather rare in the world of the Internet. Simply put, it has become a truly ‘social’ way to search.

What is Google Plus OneNow You Can Target Google Plus Ones to any USA Region or State. Read more ... »?

To understand the Google Plus One service, you kind of need to understand Google. Google have always made it their business to be connectors. They want everyone to be involved with their products, but not necessarily in a cynical way. Champions of crowd sourcing and general community building, Google have set out to allow people to share their favorite websites and pages with people in their own, genuine, social network.

Carry out a Google search and you should find ‘+1’ symbols next to each search result. This is the logo and button of the Google Plus One service. While searching on Google, you now have the option of clicking on that symbol and instantly recommending that result (and the site or page behind it) to your network of friends and acquaintances.

Who gets to hear about your recommendation? Well, first and foremost, your Gmail contacts will be made aware that you have recommended the search result. This of course could mean three people or it could mean three thousand people, depending on how many people are in your address book. Google Reader contacts also get notice too through the Google Plus One service.

Plus One and SERP

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are what businesses and individuals (with blogs etc.) need to get to the top of if they are to make their online activities successful. SERPs are everything to an online business that needs to get products out to as many people as possible, because web surfers only ever look at the first page of search engine results.

The Google Plus One Service changes the game somewhat when it comes to SERP. Why? Because the more a result receives that magic click, the more a person’s contacts will see it. The bigger the contact circlesUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... » the more the site gets seen by larger numbers of people. The larger the group that clicks on the sites and pages that get Plus One treatment, the more traffic builds.

Add to this the fact that businesses are able to buy Google Plus 1 from various providers to help build traffic, and you have a powerful tool. Buy plus onesBuy Google Plus One Skyrocket Your SERP. Read more ... » and you have a clutch of recommended clicks on your site listing on Google.

This all adds to the organic search aspect of SERP. Google, in the end, gives the most importance to web sites and pages that receive the largest amount of traffic and links over a period of time. Adding an extra layer of traffic building through the Google Plus One service makes for yet another way to push your site up the rankings.

In other words, get ‘Plus One’ enough times, and you will receive a nice healthy boost in traffic. What’s more, it adds a nice social aspect to your ranking, in that an individual has recommended your site to their friends. Even buying plus ones still means that the listing has a social recommendation.

Natural and Organic Growth

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