Understanding Google Plus Circles

Hope all Google plusRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... » users here must be aware of what a Google plus Circle is. However, we will still give a brief introduction to the concept.

Google plus circles helps users to organize their connections according to their interest in a better manner. On associating yourself with circles, posts can be filtered from the main G+ page. One can use the circles feature to limit the number of people who can view a particular post by the user.

Google Plus Circles

Basic Overview of the Feature of Circles

Google plus Circles are basically meant to create a personal community in order to interact with a selected group of members. In this manner your updates in a particular circle will be hidden from those people who are not a part of the given circle. Thus one can easily share whatever is happening in his/ her life with a particular group of people.

Privacy Settings for Google Plus Circles

Once you form a circle as per your needs, the next important thing becomes keeping it secure. Now it is for you to decide whether the updates in your Circle should be visible to all of your friends, or just the Circle members. Furthermore, it’s also necessary to make a decision on whether other members of the Circle should be allowed to post updates or not. All these conditions can be set and altered using the privacy settings of the Circles.

The 3 options for the privacy settings are as follows:

Your Circles: With this option, the updates of your circle will only be visible to members within your Circle and not to anyone else.

Extended Circles: With this option, your updates can viewed by all members within your circle and people who are members of their circles.

Public: With this option, your profile will be visible to everyone who can access your profile (means everyone except the people you have blocked).

Pro’s and Con’s of Circles

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Google plus circles are no different.

Its benefits are as follows:

1. You can categorize people in your profile using these circles in order to prevent others from accessing your updates.

2. It helps in arranging your friends and their updates. For example you make two circles. One is for your family and the other for your employees. Now you won’t have to search for their updates separately every time. They will be available within their particular dedicated groups.

3. Another advantage of Google plus circles is that it helps in socializing with members who are not a part of your friend list as this feature allows all members to comment on each other’s updates irrespective of the fact that they are friends or not.

4. Circles bring together a bunch of people who share a common interest and discussions are usually on a common issue.

5. You can make as many Circles as you want to. There is no limit to this.

Its shortcomings are as follows:

1. When one updates a post, by default it gets updated to the last Circles that you shared it with. Anyhow this can be changed. Keep this point in mind while posting.

2. Updates shared by you in your circle can be re-shared by any member of your circle. So it’s for you to trust on them.

3. The maximum number of members that one can have on a Google plus circle is 5000.

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