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In recent times, there have been talks on decreasing importance of SEO. This has led to a highly debatable question. Does the change in the industries and their functioning leads to the evolution of the web? The answers may vary but in order to get an expert opinion we need to ask those who have […]

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In recent times, there has been drastic rise in the importance of social media and companies are gradually understanding this aspect, and trying to make the best use of these platforms. It is interesting to note that social media is far more dynamic and upright mode of customer-to-company interaction which has many advantages in the […]

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Over the past few years, there has been a meteoric rise in social media. Brands have realized that social media marketing is the key to have a successful online venture. Those brands who understood during their initial days are now leading sellers in their product category. Although Social media is the most revered name in […]

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