Rising Social Media Marketing Trends – How to Use Them for Your Business Sites

Technology is an ally to business trends; yet the relationship is symbiotic, since business marketingHow to Develop Successful Twitter Campaigns?. Read more ... » has a direct effect on the changing trends in technology too. Social networking sites emerged as the latest trend in the web technology circuit. The popularity of the trend was closely related to its direct contribution in the progress of B2B marketing. However, the face of social mediaHow does SEO impacts ROI?. Read more ... » networking shifts with the rising trends in the field. Here is a detailed look at some of the major trends and their purpose in the course of social media marketingHow to Develop Successful Twitter Campaigns?. Read more ... », as we know it.

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Social Media Marketing Trends

  • Bulk buying offers: The beauty of social media marketing is that it is highly adaptable to individuals as well as bulk businesses. The latest trend on the rise is social group buying offers. Companies have started to send in these offers through social coupons that they distribute through the social network channels. This is a process where they can include a snippet of information regarding their business in the coupons and attract hordes of interested customers as contacts to their business database. They can further strengthen the customer-business relationships with future interactions about new products or service offers.
  • Interactive mobile strategies: Social media networking has flourished on the mobiles circuit. The biggest draw for customers is the easy access to information in a non-stressful process, so, going mobile with your business marketing, is the golden strategy for this generation. Developing interactive mobile platforms or applications for your business takes you one-step further in this direction. You can also employ optimization techniques to make your official website friendlier for mobile searches.
  • Social media sites for B2B marketing- Understand the base values: B2B marketing is an indirect customer marketing approach. The primary concern is inter-networking between the niche businesses and encouraging collaborations to work on a larger customer zone. Business owners now use the latest business networking sites to connect with the peers in the niche. This directly reflects on their companies’ social standing and adds to their credibility in the niche. Business collaboration for the sake of increasing individual company’s expertise, to share knowledge and technical training, are the most recent positive developments on the social media networks.
  • TwitterGoogle +1 button: Google Plus reply to Facebook and Twitter. Read more ... » marketing- Trending Topics: Twitter’s trending topics feature is a virtual news feed that provides a real time update to you at anytime. This feature is very popular as a business marketing strategy because promotional tweets can be purchased and your company can promote customized hash tag snippets of information regarding your products or services.
  • Local Social Media Marketing strategy: This is an important part of social media marketing because it allows location based businesses to use the Internet to promote their products or services. Normally, these businesses would have to contend with an online official representation as their only source of virtual presence. Now, coupons and location based promotional offers can be distributed via social media sites to bring in real time traffic to your business doorstep.
  • Public interaction strategy for Social Media Marketing: The networking possibilities for your business increase with an exposure to the various social media sites. B2B marketing is important enough but with the social networks, you also keep your business on an indirect but continuous promotion of word to mouth marketing. Customers comment on the company’s social profile pages. They carry on discussion threads where they talk about personal product experiences and in turn increase your usability quotient for prospective customers and business clients.

The complete basis of social media marketing is to delve in to creating chains of interaction. The power of social networking is such that every time your company is mentioned, people notice and with varying degrees of information posted online, their curiosity is stoked enough to try out your product. The slant of the trends in the field is all directed towards developing such platforms.

With search engines improving each day and emphasizing on the social signals sent by a site for analyzing its quality and ranking, it becomes more important for businesses to improve their presence on social media sites. Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have become synonyms for social media marketing. They add an extra layer of social recommendation to your site and allows for creating online influence.

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