On-Site SEO Best Practices: Tips for Implementing Onsite SEO

SEOHow does SEO impacts ROI?. Read more ... » (Search engine optimizationHow does SEO impacts ROI?. Read more ... ») is broadly divided into two strategies; on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Today we will discuss some on-site SEO tactics that will definitely help your sites to get better rankings in SERPs (search engine result pages). With on-page SEO you can optimize your blog content to get it recognized by search engines in a better way. Onsite SEO makes it easier for GoogleUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... » crawlers to examine your content in better way and rank it properly.

on-site SEO best practices

Here are some on-site SEO best practices to implement proper onsite SEO for your blog or website

  1. Relevant and keywords rich titles

    Use relevant and catchy titles for your blog posts. Use the keywords that you are targeting in the post within your title. You should give much importance to the titles as search engines themselves do so.

  2. Keywords and their density within the blog post:

    Use properly researched keywords within the blog post. Don’t excessively stuff your articles with keywords, maintain a keyword density always bellow 2%, mostly keep it only about 1%. Try to use your main keyword in almost all of your blog posts.

  3. Write for Readers:

    Write for your readers and not for search engines. If you tried for writing just for search engines and your users don’t find any significant information on your blog then you will be going to hurt your site in SERPs due to increased bounce rate.

  4. Use individual Meta description for each of your blog posts:

    Use separate Meta description for all your blog posts. Again use your keywords in the beginning of description tag. Search engines shows only first 160 words of your description tag in SERPs so keep your description tag word count bellow 160 to avoid truncated Meta descriptions getting showed in SERPs.

  5. Use internal linking whenever possible:

    Interlinking is the best strategy to facilitate the flow of link juice throughout your site. However you should not be doing it excessively, interlinking after every 100 words is can be considered as a safe game. Use your keywords as anchor text rather than using spam anchors like “click here” for internal linking.

  6. Sitemap:

    Including an XML sitemap to your site is a good onsite SEO strategy as sitemaps helps Google crawlers to crawl your sites in a better way.

  7. Use images and videos with your content:

    Use relevant images and videos within your content, also use proper title tags and alt tags for your images.

  8. Create Custom 404 page:

    By creating a custom 404 page you can hold on lot of your visitors that rushing away from your site due to 404 errors and help them to find your content.


These are just some of the on-page SEO tips that you should implement first. Once you get your on page optimization done, then you can start your link building practices.

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