New Google Plus Interface – Importance for the Internet Marketers

Social mediaHow does SEO impacts ROI?. Read more ... » is the new generation’s answer to marketingWhy your company should Implement Social Media Plan?. Read more ... » and networking with style. The whole world seems to be shrinking in to the cosmic world of FacebookRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... », Google PlusHow to get Google Authorship Verification. Read more ... », TwitterHow to Develop Successful Twitter Campaigns?. Read more ... », PinterestRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... » and all the other amazing social networking sites emerging on the radar, everyday. Undoubtedly, it is a tough competition for each of these sites to hold user attention and encourage more subscribers. However, to survive it is necessary to roll with the change and that is exactly what every social media site strives for. The latest to add to this line (again!) is GoogleUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... » Plus, with the newest changes introduced to their user interface. Here are the details to these changes and the estimated advantages that they might prove to be for Internet marketers.

Features in New Google Plus

New Google Plus Interface

Functionality: The clearest attribute that works in favor of Google Plus is it can attract unrivaled search engine response. Google Plus has increased the SEOHow to Choose an SEO Company. Read more ... » graph for most new Internet marketers. This situation is further attested to by the Comscore surveys that have revealed that functionality of Google + in attracting search engine  rankings (Google and most other popular search engines) have been consistently growing since Google plus’ inception. The new interface allows users to not only share with their circlesUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... » but makes it possible to individualize search engine(Google) results for every keyword search based on the attributes and web pages shared by friends and acquaintances. The new interface changes have also made it possible for users to check group status and +1edstaus of different web sites. This is more in the stream of Facebook’s timeline with an exception of close collaboration with search results. As the situation currently stands, the change is geared towards increasing user interactions (amongst each other and with newer contacts) and to help with ease of transitioning from other established social media networks.

New Navigation feature: The navigation for the new interface is dynamic (literally!). Instead of the old static icons, there is now a ribbon of apps featured on the left side of the interface. It is now possible for the users to drag their choice of apps down and arrange them in the order of custom preference. Hovering over each app will give you some quick action commands to help with the maneuverability. Users can also hide or unhide their app preferences (adding them to the more category will help hide the unused apps). According to Vic Gundotra (Senior VP, Google) – The ribbon feature is built to portray a futuristic, uncluttered space. More characteristically, the change creates more space on the design interface for “The Next Big Feature and The Feature After That.”

Bigger Banner Image: Users can now mark their homepages with their personal creativity with the means of a larger banner image, 940X180 pixels. This feature is being directly compared with Facebook’s timeline banner images, which allow and 851X315 pixels. However, with Google plus there are further options. You can create a large (continuous) photo and there are five blocks to allow for a detailed picture story or images chronograph.

Hangouts page modifications: This is by far the most extensive modification introduced in to the Google plus design while the hangouts in itself is a marvelous feature which used to just allow 9 persons to get in a group video chat, at a time. The latest modifications include a continuous updated list of user invitations (from members of individual’s circles), a rotating billboard that identifies all the popular hangouts at any given time and a public (limited) access to all the major On Air hangouts. The last modification can be seen as a live video chat program that you can broadcast via YouTube (after all the motto clearly states “Broadcast yourself”).

The interface design tweaks has also made room to allow for bigger image displays and a larger video streams on your home page. The continuous changes in Google plus interface and features have attained a mixed user response. Some users have bemoaned the fact that just as they start getting used to a certain way of handling their profiles, Google plus introduces new changes that they have to master. It is true that most of the current followers for the site have been of the more technically inclined variety. However, many users (including the very social generation next users) have agreed that a social media site that is not dynamic enough to change with the times will not be much of an attractive option. Many technical gurus and market professionals believe that Google plus continues to battle it out with Facebook with every new tweak and feature modifications. However, as Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff mentions the “ringside’ seat to the very public ‘Facebook vs. Google+ bout” is certainly an enjoyable experience and a continuous learning curve.

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