How does SEO impacts ROI?

In recent times, there have been talks on decreasing importance of SEOOn-Site SEO Best Practices: Tips for Implementing Onsite SEO. Read more ... ». This has led to a highly debatable question. Does the change in the industries and their functioning leads to the evolution of the web? The answers may vary but in order to get an expert opinion we need to ask those who have worked in the SEO industry, and they opine that SEO is here to stay and it still impacts ROI (Return on Investment) of businesses considerably. With the phenomenal rise in social mediaHow to Develop Successful Twitter Campaigns?. Read more ... », online entrepreneurs and businesses are allocating additional funds on SEO.


SEO is going through a transition period because with the rise of social media websitesRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... », there has been certain changes the manner in which business has to be done online but that doesn’t reduce the importance of SEO. Whenever a business wants high ROI, they still consider SEO as the bankable option.

When you invest on a website immensely, you’re still not sure if visitors will throng at your website, here, it’s SEO which assures you the traffic for your website. With greater traffic increases your feasibility, and with greater feasibility, there’s a subsequent increase in the chances of your making money through the website. For instance, you buy 500 visitors by a media buy. Out of these visitors, at least 2% visitors might get converted into actual customers, resulting in sale. However, if you get the same traffic by using SEO for the website, then there will be approximately two-fold rise i.e. 4%, in the chance for visitors getting converted into eventual customers. This instance clearly indicates that SEO affects ROI in a positive manner. A large number of small companies have started using SEO for competing with their competitors and staying afloat in the market.

It is essential to note that it is not just the conversion rate where SEO plays vital role in the increase in ROI of a company, in fact, SEO helps in promoting the brand and makes people talk about it, which results long term profits for the business. After listening about a brand on a platform, people visit the website and sometime unintentionally click the advertisement and this is result in monetary gain to the brand or business.

SEO lands a website on the top page of a search engine, which increases the number of users visiting the website, and with the increase in the visitor count, the website becomes popular and this leads to word-of-mouth publicity, which eventually leads to greater sales. Return on investment is considerably affected by SEO. Without SEO, the ROI is lower and some businesses even incur losses.

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