Understanding Google Panda and Penguin SEO Updates

Panda and Penguin are the GoogleUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... »’s spam detection algorithms to penalize the websites with poor content and backlinks profile  giving opportunities to the legit websites to rank properly.

Google Panda and Penguin UpdatesThe Google Panda update is concerned with penalizing the websites having spam, duplicate and poor quality content. Google rolled out first Panda update about an year ago and ever since they are releasing Panda updates periodically. The Google Penguin update is concerned targeting the websites with low quality spam links. Penguin update was brought in action by Google to perfect the shortcomings of Panda update.

What Google Panda and Penguin updates penalize

  • Duplicate content:

The ultimate motive of the Panda update is to automatically identify the sites with duplicate content. Also Google Panda update was related to identify the sites with poor and low quality content. This update was crashed on the sites that were using the black hat on page SEOHow to Choose an SEO Company. Read more ... » techniques like invisible text, keyword stuffing etc.

  • Bad backlinks:

The Panda update was succeeded in pushing low quality content deeper in the SERPs. However it was still having some shortcomings. Fighting against the bad, spam backlinks was another challenge to make proper justice with whitehat websites. The penguin update by Google was the weapon to supervise the websites with bad backlinks.

Google Panda and Penguin

Impact by Google Penguin and Panda updates

Panda update was a successful automated filter that penalized almost all of the websites with duplicate and even spun content. After the first release of Panda update duplicated content has almost disappeared from the Google SERPs.

Penguin update was succeeded in fulfilling the shortcomings of the Panda update. It penalized almost all of the websites that was employing low quality link building practices such as private blog networks, comments spamming, profile links and other unnatural means to gain links to website.

How to recover from Google Panda and Penguin Penalties

Both Panda and Penguin updates aim at reducing traditional SEO practices and instead aim at quality content and social impact of the content which it measures through the social signals a website sends on various social networking sites. Recovering from Panda and Penguin penalties is not that much hard but yes it will take time. As these updates are rolled out periodically so you will have to wait for next update to recover your website’s rankings.

To recover from Google Panda penalty all you need to do is remove duplicate content from your website. Check the keywords density in your posts and maintain it below 2%. Get your highly optimized articles rewritten and this time write them for your readers and not for search engines.

To recover from Penguin penalty you need to get rid 0f all the spam and poor quality backlinks that are pointing to your websites. However it is not possible to remove all the low quality links but you still can build some authority backlinks from similar niche websites to give your site a chance to recover its previous search engine rankings. You can make use of guest posting on authority blogs to build up a good link profile. There has also been stated that if an inner page of your site has been hit by the penguin penalty, then you can redirect that page (301 redirect) and create a similar inner page.

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