Google +1 button: Google Plus reply to Facebook and Twitter

The GoogleUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... » platform includes the Google +1Now You Can Target Google Plus Ones to any USA Region or State. Read more ... » button as an alternative to the popular TwitterRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... » and FacebookRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... » like and sharing buttons. The users of the Google + platform can add the +1 button code and implement it on their web pages. This is based on the similar functions of the like and share options used widely on the other popular social networking sites. If you like some content on the web, you can press the Google +1 Button, which thereby enables your friends and online contacts to come across the best recommendations on the web. This plus one button generates a small pop up, showing the most favored sites. You can get your own + 1 button by simply following the source code for the button provided by the Google web page. The following details offer an overview on the features of the Google + 1 Button.

google +1 button

  • Understanding the Google + 1 Button

The plus one button is gaining popularity and being widely used to share and promote content on the social networking sites. There is also an annotation option to customize the information shared via the button which enables the users to check the list of people who have previously used the plus one button for the particular posts.

  • Recommendations for search queries on Google

The Google search results are now integrated with the Google PlusRising Social Media Marketing Trends - How to Use Them for Your Business Sites. Read more ... ». Hence, the various search queries yields specific recommended pages and people related to the searched topics. The results generates the appearance of the bloggers and Google Plus users in the SERPs, depending on their Google authorshipHow to get Google Authorship Verification. Read more ... ».

  • Getting started with the Plus one button

The use of the plus one button is rather simple for the first timers. The users can avail the code from to add the plus one tag on their posts and blogs. This feature is compatible with all the public URLs on the internet. They further need to choose an optimized title consisting of keywords that are relevant to the genre of the services they provide. You can follow these steps for google authorship, so that your Google Plus pic appears with your site results in SERP.

  • How is the Google + 1 Button helpful to you?

Adding the plus one button is a great way to add another stream of popular social recommendation for your site. The bloggers can get their posts recommended to the google circles of the user when a user plus one it. Moreover, when your friends are searching for specific queries on Google, your + 1′s  help them receive the recommended pages.

The +1 lists consisting of the chosen contents are available to the users in a tab on their Google plus profile. They can either choose to share their lists with the public or even restrict others from viewing them. Ultimately, the Google + 1 Button helps users to customize recommended contents that are flooding the web.

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