How to get Google Authorship Verification

GoogleUnderstanding Google Plus Circles. Read more ... » authorship verification is nothing but a ticket to get featured in search engine results pages with your Google PlusNew Google Plus Interface - Importance for the Internet Marketers. Read more ... » profile. Once you verified your authorship to Google, you will get your picture highlighted just before each and every link of your website in SERP’ authorship verification

Importance of being a Google verified author

It is very obvious that having picture of author highlighted just before the link and description in SERP’s increases the chances of the link being clicked by the visitor (high CTR). It boosts your online popularity and improves brand of your online business. Google authorship ensures your legal rights for your articles.

How to implement Google authorship for a website

Here I am going to explain an easiest ever tutorial to get Google authorship verified for your blog or site.

Step 1: Create and Setup Google Plus profile

Create a Google Plus account and setup your profile. The name, profile picture that you provide in your Google plus profile will be used by Google to show your author information in SERPs. Go to Google Plus to set your profile, if you haven’t already.

It’s very easy to create and setup a Google plus profile, just log on to and register an account. Upload your image that you want to be highlighted in SERPs and fill your personal details.

Step2: Link Your Google Plus Profile to your site

Now you need to connect your blog with your Google Plus profile. For this purpose you just need to put a link back to your Google Plus profile from each and every page of your blog. You can add your Google Plus profile link anywhere on the page; it may be on the footer or sidebar. Add this link:

<a rel=”author” href=”[your profile ID]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Don’t forget to add “rel=author” in the url. The [your profile ID] can be taken from the browser address bar and it looks similar to 10665835078627414xxxx.

Step3: Add your blog Link to Google Plus profile

Now login to your Google Plus profile and click on “Edit Profile”. Now click on the “Links” button at the bottom of profile page.

google verified authorshipNow press “Add custom Link” and you will be allowed to submit your blogs/websites. Once you added your links click on save and you are done. Do the same and add your site to “Contributor to” section also.

Make sure you have considerable number of circle followers else buy some Google Plus Circle Followers so that Google may consider featuring your authorship in search results.

Now go to rich snippet tool and check that you have set everything fine. It will take about a week to get Google authorship verified for your blog.

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